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What is Rivers Relaxation?

We are Northeast Indiana's only floatation relaxation center at 1505-B W. Dupont Road. We have  two massive float tanks for you to use to float your way to a state of relaxation that you can't get through a massage, a mani-pedi, or meditation.
For one hour per session, we will lessen the effects of gravity as you float in 1000 gallons of heated water saturated with a half ton of Epsom salt. This rich solution is so dense that you are neutrally buoyant. This buoyancy allows your body to elongate, loosen, and relax.

During your hour long session, we also remove most of the external sensory stimulation that has bombarded your mind and soul since the instant you were born. You will experience true restful quiet for the first time ever. Your mind can finally let go of stress and tension to move into a state of relaxation that can be more restful than 8 hours of deep sleep.

We're very proud of this center and the positive benefits that we can give you!